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Dr. Tomika Prouty


Dr. Tomika Prouty

Dr. Tomika Prouty is a woman of unshakable faith, relentless pursuit of purpose in Christ, and has a deep commitment to proclaiming the Gospel.


With a firm belief in the transformative power of God, she inspires and encourages individuals to embrace their true purpose and find peace in their relationship with God through intimacy with Him.

As an author, Tomika weaves the threads of faith into her writings, imparting messages of hope, resilience, and the transformative power of God's love.


Through her memoir and co-authored books, she shares her personal journey of overcoming adversity, reminding readers that faith is the cornerstone that can propel them forward and bring clarity to their purpose.

Tomika's faith extends beyond the pages of her books. As the CEO of House of Stone by CoCo, LLC, she infuses her designs with powerful eye-catching faith-based sayings. From exclusive jewelry pieces to her captivating t-shirt line, Tomika's creations serve as tangible wearable reminders of the power of faith in daily life. Each design is inspired by God, hand-crafted with care, and reminds individuals of God's promises and to walk boldly in their purpose. With her creative gift, Tomika exhibits the power of faith with various products, allowing people to wear their belief in Jesus Christ proudly and share their journey of faith with the world.

Her on-trend creations serve as tangible expressions of faith, encouraging individuals to anchor themselves in God's promises and walk boldly in their purpose.

Tomika co-founded Truth Revealed Global Ministries (Street/Outreach) with her husband Apostle Dr. Craig Prouty where they provide guidance, support, and spiritual nourishment from Holy Spirit to those seeking a relationship with God. She founded Pain Produces Purpose Ministries where she nurtures women through pain to purpose by teaching the necessity of an intimate relationship with God. Through these ministries, she helps individuals navigate the challenges of life, discover their unique purpose, and cultivate a steadfast faith that sustains them through every season.

Tomika's life exemplifies the unwavering belief that faith and true purpose are intertwined.

She encourages others to embrace their faith journey, trusting in God's divine plan and surrendering to His will. She inspires individuals to live with unshakable faith, boldly pursue their purpose and experience the transformative power of God in their lives.

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